spring cards

Did some card-making today and had a ball... As always, let me know if you see one or two that you would like! Want changes? I am happy to customize.


Jill said...

They're all so pretty! I wish I knew someone who was getting married, because I'd totally buy the wedding dress card! How pretty!

Sara said...

Jill! I was going to say the same thing, I wish I knew someone who was getting married so I could give them that card!
Shauna, I love the cards that you made for Meagan and my grandma. They are perfect and I can't wait to see them.
I'd love it if you could toss in the one that says "swell" too! I think its adorable and I LOVE the paper its on.
Thanks lady!

Vonda said...

I love the one here that says wish...but all of these are so cute. I would love to order 6 cards. One baby boy card, one encouragement, one wish, one dream, and 2 birthday. You can make them up any way you like. I like them all.

Let me know how to pay you and where to send the money. You can email me at fuzisisters4@gmail.com