WendiWinn Dude Card Giveaway

Want to win these lovely ladies pictured above? These fine, fabulous, rad 'dude' cards were designed with style, fun, simplicity and sass in mind, by lemon drop studio {me!}.

I am lucky enough that Winn of WendiWinn likes me, or at least tolerates me (which can be tricky), and she is hosting a giveaway for my cards. I am posting this just a tiny bit early, to get you guys all ready to go!!

So stay tuned and look for the giveaway coming soon. You'll be glad you did. And while you are waiting, fall in love with WendiWinn's blog. She's funnier than I am. Guaranteed.



lemon drop studio is donating some goodies for the raffle at Chocolate Fantasy and came up with a set of 6 cards to start the basket off right. I will also be including a set of fun gift tags and a new print that I am still working on. This prize is a $40 value. It could be yours if you come to Chocolate Fantasy!! Tempting, right?

Just a reminder: Chocolate Fantasy is Friday, 2.13.09 from 3-9pm. I'd love to see you there if you're local, or if you feel like making the trip to Oregon to come see me. I'd totally make you waffles in the morning!



Hi Friends! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have been busy getting ready for Chocolate Fantasy, as it's now about 3 weeks away.

I have been playing with all sorts of valentine day cards and popped by today to show some off. I am slowly listing them in my etsy shop, but will be selling them at Chocolate Fantasy as well. I don't seem to sell many cards on etsy, mostly my ponytail holders and clips, but thought I'd stick them on etsy just in case!! I am loving the 'green', nature-inspired paper that I've been using, it's a new fave, for sure, and the faux-wood on some of the cards - to die for!

Anyway, enjoy the sneak peek, and if you get a hankering, come on by the etsy shop for a bit!!

Much loves!!



I have a meeting tomorrow at In Other Words - Women's Books + Resources in NE Portland to have my hair clips and ponytail holders in the store on consignment. I am very excited for this opportunity! I will give more information after my meeting tomorrow when it's all 'official'. I love that lemon drop studio goodies are scattered around in a few stores! Lovely!

Thanks to all for the great support! You all make it so much fun!!

an octopus friend

I must be thinking of sea creatures lately, because my next silhouette line I just created is our friendly octopus, and he's a cutie! He is already listed in the shop if you wanted to go take a peek. The color is 'tangerine' on the color palette, and isn't it lovely? I sure think so!



Who doesn't like a seahorse? (the Internet falls silent) Yeah, thought so, we all like seahorses. Please tell me if you don't and I'll try to change your mind.

In the meantime, check out the new seahorse silhouette that I made tonight, without Trask's help this time! Yay!! You can find the silhouette in lemon drop studio's etsy shop, but here's a little preview. Enjoy.


Cupcake Valentine's Day Card Tutorial

lemon drop studio would like to share a free VALENTINE'S DAY CARD tutorial for all of my friends, family, followers and stalkers. This is my first tutorial I have ever created, I hope you like it. If you have any questions at all, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you! Enjoy and happy card making!

Click on the photos if you need to see greater detail.


Note that you do not need to use the exact same supplies that I used - mix it up and use a different stamp, paper, ribbon or whatever and make it your own!! This is a great technique for any card, just switch the papers and stamp and there you have it.

- light green card stock with raised white polka dots (background)
- dark pink textured card stock
- light pink shimmer card stock
- plain white card stock or blank card (base)

- exacto knife
- paper corner rounder
- 2" and 1-1/2" scalloped circle punch
- paper slicer/cutter
- scissors
- hot glue gun
- bone paper folder

- cupcake stamp and ink
- glue stick
- adhesive tabs
- rhinestones
- glitter glue
- ribbon (about 16")

Step One:
Fold base white card stock paper in half using your bone folder to make a crisp crease, making a card that measures 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.
This is the base of your card, everything is built from this.

Step Two:
Put adhesive tabs and glue on the front of your base card and place your background paper down on the front of the card. Use your bone folder to smooth the paper down and ensure a good bond. Trim the paper edges with your paper cutter or scissors so it is the same size as the top of your card. Your card now has a background. Some may want to cut the paper down before you glue it down, but I find this way easiest for me.

Step Three:
Use your corner rounder tool to round the two outside corners of your card. This is totally optional, but I think it gives the card a fun, polished look. Set your card to the side, we'll work on embellishments next.

Step Four:
Using your 2" punch, punch out a scalloped circle in the pink shimmer paper.

Step Five:
Using your 1-1/2" punch,
punch out a scalloped circle in the dark pink paper. Aren't scalloped circles just lovely? I could eat them up.

Step Six:
Adhere the small scalloped circle on top of the larger scalloped circle using your glue stick or your adhesive tabs. Stamp the cupcake on the smaller scalloped circle. Stick your rhinestone on the top of the cupcake and embellish your cupcake a little bit with your glitter glue to add more detail and dimension and pizazz. Set aside the embellishment to dry.

Step Seven:
Open up your card and use your exacto knife to make a small slit in the spine of your card, long enough to slide your ribbon through. Pull the ribbon through the card as pictured. Close your card and bring the ribbon to the front, tying up the front of the card. Make a knot or a bow, or whatever tickles your fancy. You can put the knot in the middle or to one of the sides, either way it's cute!! Cut the ends of the ribbon if you need to.

Step Eight:
Take your embellishment and affix it to the front of your card using adhesive tabs, glue, 3-D adhesive tabs or hot glue. Tuck the top of the embellishment under the knot or bow, making it look like the ribbon is holding the embellishment in place.

Step Nine:
There's your Valentine Day Card!! Take a picture of your creation and email it to me, I would love to see them!! (lemondropstudio@gmail.com)

Hip, Hip, Hooray! From lemon drop studio to all of you, Happy Valentine's Day.

Did you like this tutorial? Feel free to pass it around, the more the merrier! Should I do more? Let me know what you'd like to see!

lemon drop studio


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be my valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (40 days away!!) and lemon drop studio is in full swing creating valentines, tags and more. I will be at Chocolate Fantasy this year, on the 13th of February, so I am trying to build up my inventory now so I don't have to rush later on when the event gets closer. Just wanted to share a few love goodies.

The shop has lots of new goodies, go take a peek when you have a moment or two. Click here to see the shop. Easy - you don't even need to drive!


I wish I could post some pictures of an amazing craft room for you guys to look at, but I don't have one - yet. For now, I have a nook. A nook that I share with the dining room table, my husband and my toddler. And my toddler's hands and curiosity.

Remember on The Office when Dwight and Jim are arguing about whether Dwight has an office or a workspace? That's how I feel. When we have a house I am hoping things will change. Now if only we had a house...

I always love seeing other people's creative areas, decoration ideas, organization, etc. This is why I love being a stalker on the Internet!! So much fun!

Since I am always so curious about other people's spaces, I thought I'd share my desk with you guys. I hope you enjoy!!


2009 is bringing the monsters!

Happy New Year to all of my followers, friends and family! lemon drop studio hopes that 2009 is full of adventure, fun, hope, random acts of kindness, growth and lemony goodness.

There has recently been a monster invasion here at lemon drop studio. Luckily for us, the monsters are extremely polite, helpful and kind, although Toby is a bit flatulent - he's too cute not to forgive. Taylor has named the monsters. The orange fella with wings is Toby and the nervous-looking green guy is Dodie.

These cute monsters can be found in lemon drop studio's shop as prints in 8x10, 5x7 and 4x6 sizes. I heard them whispering that while they are happy here, they'd like new homes.