I wish I could post some pictures of an amazing craft room for you guys to look at, but I don't have one - yet. For now, I have a nook. A nook that I share with the dining room table, my husband and my toddler. And my toddler's hands and curiosity.

Remember on The Office when Dwight and Jim are arguing about whether Dwight has an office or a workspace? That's how I feel. When we have a house I am hoping things will change. Now if only we had a house...

I always love seeing other people's creative areas, decoration ideas, organization, etc. This is why I love being a stalker on the Internet!! So much fun!

Since I am always so curious about other people's spaces, I thought I'd share my desk with you guys. I hope you enjoy!!


Jill said...

I love your workspace--it looks so creative and relaxing! I can't wait to see what you'll do with a whole ROOM to yourself when you guys get a house!!! I long for even a nook of my own...I also can't wait for The House!!!

The Cog said...

...a woman should have a room of one's own...I too used to have a craft corner and then one day the great flip happened...I squished my library into the smallest room in the house and moved my craft corner into the biggest room in the house...and it has made all the difference to me...I love having a studio...but art happens, even if it is made at the kitchen table, it's still art! Love your little studio space!